Monday, 13 February 2012

Twelve plus one

We decided to set ourselves a Monday challenge - a start of a new week, so something to add interest to the night shift. The aim was to beat the record of the most stations, by midday when our shift ended. By breakfast at 7.30 with 100% record of first time grabs we'd completed 10 grabs and 3 videos. We resumed after breakfast with our self-imposed target of 15 requiring 5 more stations. Then came along our 13th station, or as George on the bridge would describe it "12 + 1". Earlier in the shift he was told our next station was C13, which he confirmed as "C12+1" and then on asking him what the date was today he informed us it was the 12+1th of  February. Maybe we should have learnt from him as we had the most unsuccessful attempts at this station, but fortunately we still managed to grab at our fifteenth station just before midday.

Map showing 15 stations from C20-C9 (including C12+1)