Friday, 24 February 2012

Falmouth farewell

The decision to head north from the Western Channel to the South East of Falmouth rMCZ turned out to be a winner.  The sea was significantly calmer and the boat was able to work round the clock.  In fact as I write this we're now back at Western Channel (still a bit 'swelly' but not too bad) having completed the Falmouth site completely.  The forecast looks good for the next few days so we should be busy.

The last post on the blog highlighted some of the life seen on camera. The grabs too continue to turn up interesting species although there's not time during the survey to necessarily identify them fully.  That will happen when the samples are processed.



Artica Islandica shell from SE Falmouth

Nut crab

Circomphalus casina (with the ridges) and Acteon tornatilis technically a sea slug