Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Our second site of the cruise - North of Celtic Deep

We've been steaming for the past three hours and will shortly be arriving at our second site of the survey - North of Celtic Deep which is just off the north Pembrokeshire coast.

North of Celtic Deep rMCZ. The circles that you can see dotted throughout the site are the stations where we will be sampling.

There's 65 stations for us to complete at this site which has been recommended primarily for subtidal coarse sediment (the pink areas on the map) although we are expecting to find small patches of subtidal sand (the yellow areas on the map) present too. The site recommendation also lists 2.33 km2 of moderate energy circalittoral rock as a feature for designation.

For more information on the North of Celtic Deep site recommendation by the Irish Sea Conservation Zones regional project see page 77 of this section of their final report.