Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Last day at sea

Today has been our last full day at sea before we head back to Swansea, where we will have a JNCC and Cefas staff changeover before the Endeavour heads back out to sea. We have continued to collect multibeam information for the East of Celtic Deep rMCZ. From this we can make out the presence of large sand waves and marks on the seabed. The marks are from fishing boats that are using a type of gear called a beam trawl.
This image shows trawl marks on the seabed - they are running diagonally in pairs.
This afternoon we were lucky enough to be escorted by common dolphins for part of our journey, who seemed to be enjoying the surf created by our bow and stern waves. In the evening we were treated to another spectacular sunset.

Sunset from the bow of Endeavour
We wish the next group of JNCC staff - Ulric, Hayley and Ana  - the best of luck on the next leg of the survey, and goodbye from Amy, Anita, Jenny and Beth!