Monday, 20 February 2012

Sieving on the edge!

Now that the weather has eased on us and we are getting used to the night shift living patterns, we can tell you a bit more about what we've been up to.

The past two days have been tough with swells up to 4.5 meters and strong winds, but beautiful sunsets.

 Sunset through the porthole (Saturday, 18.02.2012).

At 8am on Saturday, after a few video tows and sediment grabs at East of Celtic Deep (our first site), we were forced to abandon the shift due to the bad weather. 

Hayley (JNCC) and Linford (Cefas) sieving a sediment sample just before we were told to stop by the Bridge.

On Sunday evening the conditions were finally starting to improve. By the end of the shift we had covered all the remaining sampling stations.

Currently we are back to the South of Celtic Deep site, completing the video and sediment grabs that were left to do by the team on the first part of the survey.