Tuesday 11 November 2014

So long Solan Bank!

Leaving site
Two weeks have passed since we set out from Aberdeen, and following a productive stint of surveying, the sun is setting on our survey of Solan Bank Reef SCI. Having completed our work here, we are steaming for Aberdeen and looking forward to getting back to terra firma.

In total, we have recorded video and still images, and gathered information on environmental parameters at 166 stations. 

We have also used an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) to collect data on the speed and direction of currents in the water column at three areas of Solan Bank. A map of the stations we’ve collected data from can be seen below.

Stations completed on 1714S survey of Solan
Bank Reef SCI

Despite losing some time to bad weather, improving conditions towards the end of the week and the persistent hard work of the crew and scientists on board have resulted in the collection of a comprehensive dataset. This can now be used to help inform the indicator work described in earlier posts.

It is with thanks to the captain and crew of the MRV Scotia and our Marine Scotland Science colleagues for their efforts on this survey that this account closes.
The scientists on board
Please check back with us soon for more survey action!
Joey and the rest of the intrepid scientists

So lan and Goodbye!