Friday, 5 April 2013

Homeward bound

With work complete at Bassurelle Sandbank, we dug out the passage plan and headed for Lowestoft.  Both day and night shifts were feeling pretty happy with their achievements over the past few weeks.  The friendly rivalry that developed between the two shifts gave that extra incentive to try and squeeze in one more grab or camera transect before the other shift took over.

The 'Night Watch' minus Shift Leader Paul McIlwaine (who's behind the lens) ....can you spot 'Wilson'?

During the steam back, the order of the day was data QA - checking and rechecking metadata and records from the survey so it would ready to be analysed and interpreted once we docked.

Sunset on the last day of survey (Photo: Neil Golding)
 All that's left now is for me to thank Paul Whomersley, Scientist in Charge for the survey for ensuring that the everything ran smoothly and that we met and exceeded our cruise objectives, despite some poor weather at times.  Also, a special 'thank you' to Paul Kersey and the crew of the Cefas Endeavour for keeping us in position and on track during the survey.  A final thanks to Joey and Mike for keeping the blog updated over the past few weeks.  Hopefully you've enjoyed keeping up to date with our progress.