Friday, 19 April 2013


We boarded the Cefas Endeavour late on the evening of April 17th. With the ship not scheduled to set sail until the following afternoon, we had plenty of time to explore the ships facilities and settle into our spacious cabins.

CEFAS Endeavour. Our home for the next 3 weeks!

Our luxurious accommodation

On the morning of the 18th, we were introduced to the rest of the team and crew. After an initial safety induction, it was all hands on deck to get the equipment ready for the upcoming surveys.  Despite initial weather worries, we set sail as planned departing Lowestoft harbour around 15:30.  After a long steam down the English Channel, we are predicted to arrive at our first site ‘South Dorset’ rMCZ at 13:00 Friday 19th April.

Day 1 Cake Count:
Eleonora – 4 slices
April – 3 slices
Gareth – 2 slices

Marc (right) and Buster (left) setting up the camera sledge. Marc is our hero (well actually Marc's wife) as he came on board with two delicious cakes!

Anna (left) presenting Alex and Paulette the survey plan for our fist site.

 Lowestoft harbour bridge opens to let us out!

April and Eleonora reporting from the English Channel