Saturday 14 July 2012

The Cefas Endeavour has now moved onto the rMCZ Start Point, within this site we will be conducting a multibeam survey – collecting bathymetry data of the seafloor.
Start Point is the final destination of the Endeavour before it steams back to port and we leave the ship - after a long time of only seeing water it is nice to be able to see land again!

While multibeaming over the Start Point rMCZ we have gone over several charted wrecks, one of which can be clearly seen on the backscatter image below.

A wreck spotted from the multibeam survey

Since the previous blog post, we have visited North West Jones's Bank rMCZ and the South of the Isles of Scilly rMCZ. We were hoping to see some dolphins or marine mammals around the Isles of Scilly but unfortunately a thick fog meant that we had very limited visibility. We have however seen lots of gannets and they have kept everyone entertained with their aerial acrobatics and their dives into the sea from high above the water.
Gannets flying over the sea

Every week onboard the Endeavour a safety drill needs to take place, yesterday there was a drill that a member of the crew had been seriously injured within the engine room of the ship. Trained members of the crew were required to dress in breathing equipment and use a stretcher to lift the injured staff member out and onto the deck to await a helicopter rescue. At the same time there was a suspected fire on board so trained firefighters were sent to investigate. Some pictures from the drill are shown below.
Injured crew member being stretchered out

Arthur from the Cefas Endeavour in firefighting kit