Friday, 25 May 2012

Holderness Offshore and Swallow Sands

It’s our last day of survey as the Cefas Endeavour is due to dock in Lowestoft tomorrow. We’ve been kept busy at Holderness Offshore rMCZ, grabbing, sieving and using the drop camera, with sampling stations often only 20 minutes apart. Yesterday, the day shift got a brief glimpse of a Pilot Whale, recognisable from its distinct fin, but there was no time to take a photo. We also encountered several gas platforms at Holderness Offshore and while maintaining the mandatory distance from the platforms there was still an opportunity to take some pictures through the mist and fog.

To finish up here’s a collection of images from Swallow Sands and Holderness Offshore rMCZs.


Monkfish at Swallow Sands
Seapens at Swallow Sands
Lemon Sole at Swallow Sands
Sunstar at Holderness Offshore

Crab and Dead man's fingers at Holderness Offshore
Crab at Holderness Offshore