Monday, 21 May 2012

Aptly named

It appears Swallow Sand is indeed aptly named. Not only have we found lots of sand, but several swallows have appeared on the ship. They like to fly into the general lab where we watch the footage from the camera sledge. It started with one or two then last night there were 13 swallows huddling together outside the bridge.

Swallows in the general lab

Swallows outside the bridge

Yesterday we had a fire drill. Everyone had to drop everything and go straight to the muster station. There was a roll call to ensure nobody was missing before two of the crew donned fire suits before proceeding to the SIC’s (Scientist in charge) cabin where the fire had started. Needless to say this was only a drill so there was no actual fire. Scientists were ask to help the crew close vents to cut off the air supply to the area affected and check for hotspots. At the end the scientists were shown how to operate the fire hoses.

Bill and Marianne try out the fire hose

Today we had our first sighting of dolphins. Unfortunately I missed it as I was fast asleep but Nathan who is on the night shift was kind enough to donate some of his photos of the white beaked dolphins to the blog.

We’re still out at Swallow Sand with plans to move off in the next day or two to Holderness Offshore recommended Marine Conservation Zone (rMCZ).


White beaked dolphin © Nathan Edmonds

 White beaked dolphin © Nathan Edmonds