Saturday, 25 May 2013

Species of the Scilly Isles

After a very busy few days at the South of the Isles of Scilly rMCZ, and with the weather favouring us, we have managed to gather multibeam for the entire site and hamon grab and camera tow samples at over 50 stations!

We have been lucky to see a number of exciting things in South Isles of Scilly site, including an some dogfish, red gurnard and an octopus! And of course, we are still seeing lots of starfish, anemone’s and crabs.

We have hand a number of small crabs in the haman garb macrofauna samples, such as this tiny spider crab.

We even had a stow away on the camera sleigh!

As we have made such good time so far, we have decide to return to South West Deeps West rMCZ for our last few days of survey to collection additional multibeam data and maybe even a few some ground truthing samples.