Saturday, 1 December 2012

Land ahoy!

Well folks....we've just arrived back in Lowestoft after fourteen days at sea. In light of the appalling weather we've had on the trip, we're certainly happy with the amount of data we've managed to gather at the three areas of interest; both from a quality and quantity perspective.  It is important not to forget though that the work doesn't stop here, and the data will need to be analysed and interpreted following the survey. 

You may have noticed a few hairy upper lips on some of the male scientists throughout the blog posts.  In a show of solidarity, scientists from Cefas and JNCC donned their Mo's and joined their hairy compatriots to show support for Movember.  Check out the picture below....

Cefas and JNCC scientists commemorating the last day of Movember.

All that's left to say now is a big thanks to the Cefas scientists (and a special mention to Sue the Scientist in Charge plus Julia and Joanna, the shift leads) as well as the Master and crew of the RV Cefas Endeavour.  We hope you've enjoyed reading the survey blog.  Until next time.....

The sun sets on another survey.