Monday, 25 March 2013

The Big Grey

Things have definitely started to liven up a bit out here! It turns out that the start of our cruise, full of resplendent sunshine and postcard perfect, calm, blue seas, was, in fact, a false dawn. We are now getting a far grittier (though more realistic) impression of how the English Channel generally looks in March- everything is now grey!

"Moderate" conditions off the stern (Photo Neil Golding, JNCC)
Things are also a bit more dynamic than they were in those halcyon early days. A dastardly combination of strong winds and tides have resulted in our good ship Endeavour having to plough up and down through a variety of sea states. Luckily for the experienced majority on board and in the locality, the conditions are considered "moderate". However, this does not provide much comfort to those of us with limited seafaring experience (i.e. me)...

... and off the bow (Photo, Neil Golding, JNCC)

Unperturbed locals- Gannet (Photo Neil Golding, JNCC) and Red Gurnard (Photo JNCC/Cefas)
While the weather may have dampened our equipment, it has yet to dampen our spirits, and we have been able to continue making good progress on collecting acoustic, camera and grab data.

Deploying the sidescan sonar towfish off the stern (Photo Neil Golding, JNCC)